Do Something

10 11 2008


Even if the evidence is not clear to you. Even if the world is only softly knocking at your door and you cannot hear. Even if you have seen and do not desire to believe, you know.

Everyone on Earth knows. It reverberates throughout every level of our being, within every cell, for we live it and we breath it and it surrounds us. We know. And we know we know.

It is why we turn the music up so loud and it si why we keep the television on even when we leave the house. It is why we drown ourselves in liquor and cloud ourselves in smoke. It is every way we numb our bodies in the name of revelry and it is every argument we walk away from feeling guilty.

Something is wrong and we have been trying to avoid it for some time. But no distraction has ever distorted the knowing with very much efficiecy or any kind of permanence. We know. Everybody knows.

There is only one choice facing every human alive today on planet earth. And though there is only one, it is still a choice and it must be claimed by each of us to carry any weight. We must choose, each in our own way and in our own time and as quickly as possible.

All Old Growth Forests and Tropical Rainforests are being devastate. The Seas are rising and warming. One half of all living species are at imminent risk of extinction. Human hunger is rampant and devastating to communities in every country. Racial inequities are more stratified and more insidious than ever. More toxins live in our blood and the blood of our children than existed a century ago. The structure of our global economic exchanges is fissured and ill-conceived. The list goes on.

Even if you don’t know and you haven’t seen, everything is connected and you feel it, because you cannot be separate from it. You may not have a name for it, but it presses itself upon you and you know it on a  visceral level.

Wake up.

Your participation is required and requested.

Do something.

Your survival is not guaranteed. Do something.

Act now. Get involved in the movement around you. It is the movement that stands for Life on the planet.

Everything that is dear to you is at risk and only your unhindered commitment can possibly sustain it.

This is not a test.

Start with kindness. It can balance with action. Open to your incredible capacity to bring change into the world.

Do something. Don’t wait.