Introducing: “Decolonizing the Mind”

28 05 2010

Decolonizing the Mind is a new undertaking, in part inspired by my study with Cherríe Moraga and my senior thesis “Whiteness: The Body and Pathology of American Loss,” which looks at the construction of whiteness as a racialized American identity as a method of ensuring the continuation of dominant culture by subjugating humanity within the white body.

The new site is under construction at but a dedicated url is forthcoming. As of now, the plan is to compile a body of work for publish in 2010. Please visit the new page, share it with friends, and consider submitting some of your work for publication.

Most of my writings will now appear on that site and the Crunk Bunny will continued to be used for whatever’s left over.

Feel free to shoot your thoughts my way after perusing the page.

The Daily Show’s Dish on Debates

9 10 2008

Before the presidential primaries got fully under way last year, there was a hearty call from the underbelly of America’s youth to form a democratic ticket that would bring about real change. That ticket was the Stewart/Colbert slate. Conversation and speculation swept across the liberal campuses of America, while the more conservative institutions invested heavily in new docksiders and thirty racks of keystone ice. There were even a number of facebook groups that popped up in support of the idea, in keeping with the new (and ever so reliable) convention of assessing viability. Alas, such pipe dreams burst in the frigged winter months, though the faucet of asinine punditry and hackneyed politicking was left running to drown us all in boredom.

Some may remember that glorious day on CNN’s Cross Fire when Tucker Carlson nearly got his cravat ruffled by a seething, though no less incisive, John Stewart.

While this was by no means the first instance of John Stewart’s bare-knuckle celebrity puppets party, it was in many ways a coup d’etat of television commentary. Stewart, who had remained safely quarantined to Comedy Central, was stepping into the major network’s territory as a formidable and informed opponent of partisan politics. His credibility as a political commentator unconfined to slapstick ridicule exponentially increased thereafter, creeping outside the borderline of college campuses to the seasoned circles of community organizers and political activists. I even get emails from my Mom with a Daily Show Clip almost weekly.

And like a savant in an alexandrian library, he got better with time, honing his skill as a comedian and deftly exploiting the hypocrisy of status quo politics. And so, to end this, the first post of the Committed Crunk Bunny, I leave you with John Stewart’s Presidential Debate Analysis, part II. Enjoy.